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Commercial Landscaping

As Victoria’s leading Landscape Construction provider, we offer total project solutions to clients by integrating our expertise in all areas of the construction process from design and development, through construction to ongoing maintenance.

Our services extend across residential developments, commercial / industrial estates and public infrastructure. Specialised techniques, capabilities and a capacity to perform quality construction and maintenance in complex situations, time driven constraints or difficult conditions, has seen our Company expand on reputation.

Landscape Maintenance

Since the early 1990’s, Warrandale has established and maintained some of Melbourne’s most important and innovative landscape projects. Backing a proactive construction approach, our horticultural staff strive to ensure project success on all projects at every level.

The rapid developments of Melbourne’s Costal Fringe and Western Basalt Plains regions have varied, yet equally challenging site conditions. These areas require a high level of understanding, and expansive knowledge to ensure development success.

Roof top constructions to Melbourne’s inner city developments have become a known speciality to our maintenance crews, together with establishment of Super Advanced Transplanted Trees and Palms.

Tallgums Nursery

Tallgums Nursery was established in 1993 and relocated to our Kilsyth depot in 1995.

Our small intense production nursery provides general Eucalyptus species in semi-mature containers, for council street tree plantings and the like.  The nursery also covers 2000m2 of 150mm pot stock, for contract growing facilities and general landscape lines, used in daily activities for our landscape and maintenance operations.

Contact Tallgums Nursery direct on (03) 9761 8120 for a current stocklist.

Boardwalks & Shelters

Since 2001, Warrandale has held a Commercial Building License enabling uninterrupted construction of Boardwalks, Viewing Decks, Jetties, Public Shelters and Toilet Blocks, together with fabricated Playgrounds and much more.

In recent years, Warrandale's Carpentry Team has earnt a fine reputation for construction of some of Victoria's most awarded and recognised estates and projects.The Warrandale brand is synonymous with project delivery throughout our industry. Off site fabrication at our Kilsyth depot ensures smooth construction offsite, whilst landscape construction continues onsite, ensuring minimal lost production time.

Hydraulic Seeding

Services are provided to the Landscape Industry, VicRoads, Developers, Parks and Gardens, Councils and the Golf Course Industry.

Our fully imported Hydroseeder incorporates the latest technology, with internal mixing paddles, automatic hose recovery and auto shut off, enabling our staff to work safely, distributing the mix perfectly with the highest productivity and ease.

Landscape Watering

With the introduction of watering restrictions and envisaged future restrictions, Warrandale has further expanded our services by adding a purpose built 15,000 litre water tanker to complement our existing fleet of tankers.

In cabin controls, ensures driver safety and productivity. The highlight being a remote 50 metre roof mounted water canon able to deliver 2,000 litres of water per minute.

In-line liquid fertiliser application delivered by auto mixing provides great ease for applying fertilisers in a safe and controller manner to individual trees, shrubs and lawn areas as required.


In recent years, Warrandale has been affiliated with some of Melbourne’s most exciting and diverse playground structures. Our ability to build upon Clients visions and construct versatile play structures for all age levels has seen Warrandale sought by Councils and Developers alike.

Our team are able to work closely with Designers, Specialist Equipment suppliers, and Structural engineers to create the ultimate play space for any commercial development. In addition, all projects are reviewed by an independent auditor, further ensuring safety of the user, and liability to the client.

Sports & Recreational Facilities

Warrandale have built upon its expertise to now include construction of specialist sports ovals and fields, hardened courts and recreational facilities. Our team works closely with Victoria’s finest architects, sports field consultants, engineers and industry professionals to construct the best possible facility.

Warrandale have provided construction services to many of Melbourne’s most recognised sports ovals and fields. Our ability and use of the latest machinery and equipment only further assists in both the construction process and build time, ensuring a professional finish for our clients.
• Sub-grade profiling and drainage installation
• Professional irrigation system designs and installations
• Specialised sand and soil supplies
• Topdressing applications
• Turfing, Sprigging and Hydroseeding services
• Broad acre soil amelioration, fertilising and grass care applications
• After care fungicide / herbicide boom spraying

Warrandale also specialise in construction of hardened surfaces, such as public basketball, netball, hockey and tennis courts. Our team will liaise with structural engineers and ensure base preparations or concrete slabs are constructed without liability. Our team can also take care of artificial grassing, rubber or multi-layer acrylic surfacing to further enhance the sports court design and user safety.

Warrandale have direct alliances with specialist sporting equipment suppliers and engineering firms to design, fabricate and supply high quality public sporting equipment for public use. From powdercoated table tennis tables to outdoor gym equipment, Warrandale will provide the right solution for any outdoor fitness and recreation amenity.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Constructed wetland systems and water-sensitive urban designs are now being incorporated in new urban developments. Water-sensitive urban design integrates urban planning and development with the whole water cycle management. It provides alternatives to the traditional approach to stormwater, seeking to minimise the adverse effects of run-off.

Warrandale has been directly involved with this process and is proud to be affiliated with some of Melbourne’s most well known water sensitive residential estates.

Our ability to liaise and engage with designers, indigenous plant suppliers, water authorities and a broad understanding of the commercial nature of such projects is the key to any success. Our expertise covers a broad understanding of wetlands, rain gardens, bio-retention systems, swales and roof top greening.

Such projects that Warrandale have been involved with are;
• Lynbrook Boulevard bio retention drain, Lynbrook.
• Silverwater Resort wetland and overflow creek, San Remo.
• Mernda Estate Rain Gardens and Wetland, Mernda.
• NAB rain gardens, Docklands.
• Hawkstowe Wetland Corridor, South Morang.
• Alamanda Wetland Park, Point Cook.
• ANZ Roof Gardens, Docklands.